About StyleOnly



For your convenience we have gathered a number of new brand products in one place.

We selected them based on the needs of a modern active woman who sees functionality, quality, uniqueness and originality of designer solution as equally important characteristics of an ideal purse.

We believe that:

  • fashion must inspire:

We seek to introduce you to designers and products that have their own philosophy. Each product is a story that designers are trying to tell us. They drew their inspiration from the cozy alleys of Rome, crowded streets of New York, sunny beaches of Miami, rainy parks of London...

Our project is aimed at making every accessory share its story and serve as a source of inspiration for our client.

  • modern women value identity:

A lot of the brands we have gathered here are exclusively represented in Ukraine. We look for special things that would reflect style and accentuate bright personality. We do not chase trends, yet our purses are always trendy, fashionable and “timeless”.

StyleOnly sells neither fakes nor imitations because we believe that authenticity and uniqueness are the values that must determine development of fashion.

  •  rhythm of life defines its style:

Our company’s slogan is “Big city Bags”. This slogan is a part of our philosophy. Our accessories are stylish and practical at the same time. Our purses are not just for carrying things. Our purses are personal assistants always loyal to the boss.